Constitution and Regulations

The Constitution and club regulations are included for information.

The Constititution and regulations are subject to change and all information should be checked with the Club manager or Management Committe to verify that all of the information provided is still current

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Dress regulations

These Dress Regulations are applicable to Golfers and Non-Golfers

Smart Dress attire is expected on the course and in the clubhouse at all time.

Dress permitted on the Golf Course.

  • Recognized golf shoes with steel or soft spikes
  • Tailored long trousers with a belt
  • Tailored golf shorts with a belt (not below the knee)
  • Socks can be short or long
  • A recognized golf shirt

Not Permitted

  • Thongs, sandals, cricket shoes or boots with metal spikes
  • Rugby socks or rolled down long socks
  • Denim Jeans, shorts or long trousers with a draw string
  • Athletic shorts

Dress permitted in the Clubhouse:

  • Members are expected to dress in a manner befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the club and should inform their guests accordingly
  • Business attire and smart casual are the appropriate standard
  • Smart jeans in good repair are appropriate to well dressed casual attire


Not Permitted

  • Short Pants after 18h00
  • Running shoes and T-shirts are not permitted