Reciprocity Terms for "Full Members" that have been agreed with other Clubs


All Full Members of Humewood have Reciprocity with the clubs in the List below:

The Following Terms have been agreed:

  • Playing Facilities at prevailing member rates
  • Entry into competition fields, providing time is available
  • Free usage of practice facilities even if not playing.
  • Access to the clubhouse, bar, and catering facilities
  • Automatic short listing for membership but with full payment of the prevailing entrance fee and applicants will be subject to normal selection procedure.


List of Golf Clubs Participating - by Province:


  • Houghton Golf Club
  • Irene Country Club
  • Royal JHB/Kensington
  • Parkview Golf Club
  • Pretoria Country Club
  • Randpark Golf Club
  • Country Club Johannesburg

Western Cape

  • King Mowbray Golf Club
  • Plettenburg Bay

Eastern Cape



  • East London Golf Club

Free State

  • Bloemfontein Golf Club
  • Schoeman Park Golf Club

Northern Cape

  • Kimberly Golf Club


  • Kloof Country Club
  • Royal Durban Golf Club
  • Durban Country Club


  • Muirfield Golf Club, NSW, Australia
  • Russley Golf Club, Christchurch, New Zealand