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2018 in review

If you could sum up the past year in one word, what would it be? For me it would be “rewarding”, as it describes a year with major changes that will bear fruit in the years to come. Patience was key in developing a strategy that will see the club grow from strength to strength, financial constraints the only hindrance we had to endure.

It was rewarding to witness the club morale change with all focused on a common goal. Rewarding to see members invest in the future of the club, with a complete upgrade of the kitchen and Humewood lounge, new coat of paint for the club house and even a new roof for the workshop.

The progress shown is very much the result of a committee who are united in their vision for the club. On behalf of the staff and members, I would like to thank them for their support and guidance through what has been a demanding year for us. A major learning experience for me as manager and I know the staff have been allowed to grow under the support system.

Our President, Francois Snijmann has been instrumental in leading the committee and assisting with the improvements in the catering department. His knowledge and assistance has created an environment that can only lead to success. To all the other committee members, Dabs Dalton, Grant Henderson, Hugo Maritz, Mark Ward and Heinrich Vosloo, your efforts and support has helped share the load of what is a fresh start for Humewood. Also, a word of thanks to our Ladies Section headed by Eleanor Summersell and Ilze Botha for their valued contribution.

Golf Course

The course has seen a metamorphosis over the year, due to an incredible effort from Stephen Doeks and his team. They have worked with a very strict budget to produce a course that is sublime and improving every week.

The new mower that we have ordered had an original 16 week waiting period. This unfortunately has lengthened due to delays in container availability in the US. The latest update for the arrival date at Durban harbour has been reset to the 12th December 2018. This is concerning as it will still need to travel to Gauteng, clear through customs and reach us before all operation shut down for the holidays. I won’t hold my breath and realistically expect it only January next year. Shaun van Wyk and his team in the workshop have and will continue to demonstrate magic in keeping the old mowers performing at their best.

We have set our main priorities for 2019 and they will be as follows:

  • Refurbishing certain bunker faces and improving drainage
  • Improve consistency of surrounds and tees through more consistent cutting
  • Grow in the bare patches on fairways through fertilising.
  • Continue to deliver true greens through regular dusting and the verti-cutting
  • The same program of dusting and verti-cutting will continue for the surrounds. This will help to firm them up and reduce thatching. This is a very long-term project but improvements are already evident
  • Developing a plan with the help of the Gamtoos Irrigation Board to remove certain bush. This will help beautify the course and give it better shape.

Food and Beverage Management

The restaurant and function side of the business has been the focus of ours as we improve all revenue streams into the club. Over the last few years, the F&B side has been detrimental to the success of the club, and the reason we focused our efforts on the upgrading of the kitchen and Humewood Lounge. Clinton van Dyk from Betafence was instrumental in assisting us in this venture, and the success thereof would not have been possible without him.

We had two main goals. Firstly, to improve the quality of the product by creating menus for both functions and restaurant. This was combined with training of staff in all areas of the customer experience, which is of most importance to us. The training will be ongoing in 2019 and include a review system and mystery guests.

The second goal was to increase the number of functions held in the Humewood lounge over and above the corporate golf days. Since September and the official first month of use we have managed no less than 13 extra functions in the lounge in the space of three months.

We have built relationships with the corporates at these functions to create repeat business going into 2019. With determination, this revenue stream will grow from strength to strength and no longer be a heavy burden, but a driving force for the success and profitability of the club.

Golf Rounds.

Golf rounds at HGC have been on a steady decline over the last few years. However, we seem to have turned the corner, as the numbers below show:

2015                            28,517 rounds
2016 26,562 rounds
2017 25,765 rounds
2018 (Jan-Nov)               26,042 rounds 


When I took over as manager in Feb this year, my first objective was to improve number of rounds on the course. We set our strategy around achieving a target of 30,000 rounds but a more realistic target of 28,500, a 10% increase seems more likely.

Looking at our round numbers till end November this year, it is clear to see that the plan has worked, with an increase of 277 rounds year-on-year already completed, and the month December still ahead of us. That means that with some extra effort, the realistic target should be achieved, with the 30,000 mark within our grasp.

Our result could mean a 15% increase from last year and very crucial to all other departments. Our target is 31,000 rounds by the end of 2019, one step closer to the all-important 35,000 mark that will effectively make this club profitable once again.

We will also have a busy schedule planned for 2019. Mieke has created an annual calendar for you to start diarising your golf for next year. Some new events will be added, and we hope to see more of you on the course enjoying our beautiful Links with your families.

Our valued members

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their support over 2018. We are excited about 2019 and with your help, will make it another successful one. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To those who are travelling, drive safely and enjoy your well-deserved break. Humewood will remain open as usual for the entire festive period, except Christmas Day and New Years Day when staff will enjoy time with their families.


Yours sincerely,








The Mens prize Giving took place last week. Below are pictures of the Trophy winners receiving their awards.

Click on any of the images below to view the full-sized picture of trophy winners.