Newsletter 25th June 2020




The return to golf has been just incredible throughout the country and no different here at Humewood. The new regulations have been well received by all golfers and we are hopeful that with the announcement last week from President Cyril Ramaphosa and soon the new regulations for opening of restaurants, will see us able to return to some sort of normality. There will need to be some clarity on alcohol sales, but we are just grateful that we will be able to use our function room again as well as offer what will be a limited menu, in our club house.

I have spoken to GolfRSA this week, and they assure us that they will release any changes to regulations the minute they have confirmation from the government. It is also important to note that the current format of regulations that Humewood has in place, is according to the GolfRSA regulations sent to and agreed by the government.

Support our caddies

Our Humewood caddies are so grateful for the wonderful response in support of the feeding scheme. They are also incredibly grateful for the regulations that allow them to offer their services again at golf courses. All caddies have therefore been trained on the Covid-19 control measures and are ready to assist golfers if needed.

Now, we do understand that most golfers are now pushing their own carts and that caddies might still need assistance during the current pandemic crises. The caddies understand this and have therefore offered up their services to improve the golfing experience in a different way.

Daily, those caddies who do not have bags, will be allowed to assist course staff in raking bunkers, fixing pitch marks and filling divots around the course. They will be doing so at no cost to golfers. We therefore ask that golfers who wish to thank them for their services, do so by tipping them at check-in, any amount will be appreciated. The funds collected will then be shared equally amongst those who assisted. There has been some incredible scoring over the weekend. The incredible course conditions and superb weather must have been the contributing factors.

Well done to the competition winners for the past week. We will continue with competitions every Wednesday and Saturday.

"Competition Results - 24th June"





As stated in the Club President’s recent letter a decision has been made to increase the green fees effective 1st July 2020.

Membership Type Off-Peak Peak days
Junior Member (<18 years) R                     70 R                             70
Junior Visitor (<18 years) R                     90 R                             90
Intermediate 18-25 R                     90 R                             90
NMU Student R                   170 R                           170
Non Affiliated Student R                   190 R                           190
Intermediate 26-30 R                   110 R                           110
YoungTown 31-35 R                   170 R                           170
Young Town 36-40 R                   170 R                           210
Young Town 41-45 R                   170 R                           240
Full 46-65 R                   170 R                           240
Senior 65+ R                   170 R                           240
Off Peak Member R                   170 R                           320
Member Guest R                   320 R                           320
Local Reciprocity R                   320 R                           320
Affiliated R                   400 R                           400
Non-Affiliated R                   550 R                           550
Monday Pitch & Play Guest   R                           200





We have been absolutely thrilled with golfers returning to Humewood since the opening on the 13th of June. A staggering 1135 golfers have played golf in 11 days with tee times a hot commodity, especially over the weekends.

We, therefore, ask members and their guests to cancel any tee time that they will not be able to make, at least 24 hours prior to tee off time. This will avoid any “dead” tee times as well as afford other members the opportunity to book.

Should any member not cancel their booked tee time, we will have to charge the member account for the no-show.





We are encouraging golfers to make their bookings using the on-line "Club Master" system

We are providing the following tutorial on the on-line booking system. We are doing this to in order to assist members who do not use the on-line "Club Master" system or use it infrequently.

If you have any queries, please contact the staff in the Pro Shop at -

Phone: +27 (0)41 583-3011or or

email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





A Simple putting drill!