News Letter 19th August 2019





Humewood is still in magnificent condition. We will continue to strive for improvement as we  develop a blueprint for conditioning and maintenance.

The surrounds have firmed up a little after a few weeks of no rain. In addition the greens have been watered by hand and we have used the walk-behinds to shorten the cut to 10m around the immediate edge.

Unfortunately, the greens will remain a little soft due to the POA. POA must be syringed to keep them from dying and this leaves patches on the green.

We have introduced a new nutrient formula for the greens that will allow the bent grass to strengthen and gain traction against the POA. This will hopefully mean that the POA will reduce and the bent grass will take over once again.

Let’s hold thumbs that this product is as good as the agronomists are preaching and also keeping in mind that this could a number of years to complete the process.



Stephen and his team have completed the front right bunker of hole 12 and will from today start working on the back-right bunker. His bunker work has become outstanding and I am very confident that the new look back-right bunker will improve playability and look.





20th & 21st of SEPTEMBER 2019!



The 2019 "Overs vs Unders" competition will be taking place on the 20th & 21st of September – come rain or shine.

There will be a drinks evening on the Thursday, 19th of September to do the draw for the Betterball Matchplay.

Friday night will be a steak evening (you are welcome to invite your significant others) where we will do the draw for the Individual Matchplay.

Will the Overs be able to hold onto their title or will the Unders finally show that age matters?







The Humewood Golf Club is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Humewood Jackpot Joker Draw to take place at the Club in the bar on Friday, 20th September 2019.


"Click to view details of the Jackpot Joker Draw"








The next Grand Club will be taking place on the 6th of September – the menu will be out soon. Please book your tables with Veronica at the bar




Here are the winners for the Wednesday competition played on 14th August 2019


1st- Strombeck Pieterse Team
Francois van Coppenhagen, Willie Els, Tom Bierschenk, Justin Strombeck



2nd - Drinking Golfers Team
Lemi Matika, Roger Smith, Phillip Smith, Bertus Geldenhuys



3rd - Team BLT:
Brendon Timm, Michael Louwrens, Clinton van Dyk, Jack Du Toit





Here are the winners for the Saturday competition played on 17th August 2019

1st: Duncan Emslie, 2nd: Roger Smith, 3rd: Alan Lones, 4th: Gareth Burley



Click here to view all the Weekly Competition Results





on the 30th AUGUST 2019

  The Humewood Golf Club is assisting with fundraising in order to help the Animal Welfare.

All proceeds will be handed over to the Animal Welfare at the prize giving on their golf day - 30th August 2019.

Anyone making a donation stands a chance of winning 8 free rounds of golf!

If you would like to make a donation, you can drop off any items of food, supplies or even money at the club during August. Please help this wonderful and worthy cause!






We all know that probably the most important aspect of the game of golf has got to deal with the club one will use the most, the putter. Most players would rather hit plentiful buckets of balls before they come spend about 30 minutes putting. This does not make you any less of a golfer. So next time, when you are going to play your round of golf, here is a quick tip that you can work on 30 minutes before your tee time.

Before I continue, this is also something that you can try if you are struggling with your putting. However, every person is different and the same tip could not always work for everyone. But it is definately something worth considering.

This is something called "Body putting". It is best described and explained by Dave Pelz.

Body putting just refers to where your ball position is at address. Once you have taken your normal stance (feet shoulder width apart), ensure that the ball is placed roughly 5-7cm forward from the middle of your stance closer to your left foot. This will help you roll the putt better as one needs to have a slight upstroke on the putt. This, in theory, should ensure that the player will have more of a pendulum stroke and minimize any hand or wrist break through the putt.

In saying this, it is very difficult to find the same ball position every time so you should do the following:

  • Place a tee on the outside of your feet, after taking you stance and have lined up your putt.
  • Once you have moved the ball position closer to your front foot, place another tee just on the higher side of the ball. Then all you have to do is stroke the putt.

Have a look at the pictures below:

Picture 1-Ball position

Picture 2-Slight upstroke

Hopefully this will help you on the next round of golf!

The Humewood Pro Shop