Some interesting facts about the Humewood Golf course!

The Humewood Links course is ranked 11th of South Africa's top golf courses and has hosted a number of major South African tournaments.

SA Amateur and SA Open

The Humewood course was opened for play in October 1931 and hosted both the SA Amateur and SA Open in 1934. It went on to host the SA Amateur 10 times, the last being in 2007, and hosted the SA Open 5 times, the last being at the end of 2006.

Goodyear Classic

The Humewood Golf Club hosted the Goodyear Classic tournament from 1984-1992, and champions include John Bland, Denis Watson, Tony Johnstone, Fulton Allem and Ernie Els. Their winning scores are on record as some of the highest on the Tour.

Bobby Locke

The great Bobby Locke, in his day,considered Humewood to be the best course in South Africa, rating it alongside the best links courses in Britain. He said that Humewood Golf Club was good enough to host The British Open should this Championship ever have to be played outside of Britain.

"Planet Golf World 100 Ranking - Humewood Golf Club"

"Humewood Golf Club now ranked 94th in world according to the Planet Golf World 100 Ranking list." This according to Author Darius Oliver, Planet Golf. 

Planet Golf reports that in America, Oliver visited every one of Golf Digest's Top 100 and 99 from the GOLF MAGAZINE list. Worldwide he has seen each of the Top 50 courses in Australia and the UK & Ireland, as well as 49 from the Top 50 on the European mainland.

There were also visits to all the Top 30 courses in South Africa and Canada together with a host of highly rated championship venues across Asia and South/Central America.

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Legends who won the SA Open at the Humewood Links.