for the Sunday - "Siver Salwer Draw"
30th July 2017!

Dear Members

I am sure many of you were glued to your tv’s watching the final round of the Open Championship and the drama that unfolded. Many had predicted that it was going to be a boring final round, but it was far from that. The saying goes the best way to win a major is to be in the clubhouse! If only Branden Grace could have posted a score it could have been interesting but possibly a big ask to do it two days in a row.

Whilst all of this was going on in England there was also a taste of the Open Championship at Humewood during the first ever Open Championship lookalike event kindly sponsored by Sharwood’s. I am thrilled to report that both the Friday and Saturday were fully booked out and that we even had some players on standby. A massive thanks to all who got into the spirit and supported this fundraiser. (Results further on)


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